Seven sports included in the 9th edition of Pajulahti Games on January 2019

Special Olympics -alppihiihtoa

The 9th Pajulahti Games will be arranged on 17th to 20th of January 2019 in the Pajulahti Paralympic Training Center, Lahti, Finland. The event will consist of seven sports: sitting volleyball, goalball, showdown, athletics, judo, powerlifting and alpine skiing. Special Olympics alpine skiing competition is the newcomer for the Games.

The entry forms for the sports are now published and can be downloaded from the bottom of the page. Here are the sports:

  • Sitting volleyball – Tournament for women's national teams on 18–20 of January
  • Goalball – Tournament for both men's and women's national teams on 18–20 of January
  • Showdown – International tournament for both men and women on 18–20 of January
  • Athletics – Open Finnish Indoor Para Athletics Championships on 20th of January (not an IPC sanctioned event)
  • Judo –  Open Special Needs Judo tournament on 18–20 of January (competition date 19th of January)
  • Powerlifting – Open Finnish Para Powerlifting Championships on 19th of January (not an IPC sanctioned event)
  • Alpine skiing – Open Special Olympics Alpine Skiing competition on 18–20 of January

You can find the contact persons for each sport from the entry forms below.