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For the first time there will be a special needs football tournament organised as part of the Pajulahti Games. Lahti-based club Kuusysi will host the tournament and has invited four teams to take part: Kontu and HJK from Helsinki and HJS from Hämeenlinna. The matches will be played in the Pajulahti Hall on Saturday 18th of January at 9.30–15.00. The tournament will be played as 7-a-side football with international Special Olympics football rules (eg. kick in instead of throw in).


  • 09.30 FC Kuusysi–HJS
  • 09.30 FC Kontu–HJK
  • 10.30 FC Kontu–FC Kuusysi
  • 10.30 HJS–HJK
  • 13.00 FC Kuusysi–HJK
  • 13.00 FC Kontu–HJS
  • 14.00 Placement match, places 3–4
  • 14.00 Placement match, places 1–2

Contact: FC Kuusysi, Jere Virinsalo, tel. +358 40 5425 735, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.