Goalball tournament of the Pajulahti Games 2018 cancelled

Maija Somerkivi

The goalball tournament of the 8th annual Pajulahti Games has been cancelled due to lack of participating teams. The Pajulahti Games will be held on 19–21 of January in the Pajulahti Paralympic Training Center. The event will include five sports: sitting volleyball, showdown, judo, powerlifting and athletics.

– It all started with single teams withdrawing from the tournament and after that other teams started to hesitate as well. All the potential participants had been in the European Championships in Pajulahti few months earlier, which might also have had an impact. On the other hand the World Championships will be played in Malmö, Sweden on summer and they will also have a pre-tournament there on spring, said Timo Pelkonen, the event manager of the Pajulahti Games.

– Now we are doing everything we can to make sure we will have a quality goalball tournaments for both men and women in the Pajulahti Games 2019, he added.