When was the last time you lost, Hanna Vilmi?

Hanna Vilmi

It wasn’t a big surprise that Hanna Vilmi, reigning World and European Champion in showdown, started her Pajulahti Games with three straight wins.

– It’s been almost odd how well it has gone so far. I haven’t conceded a single goal in three matches, Vilmi said.

In showdown player gets two points for scoring a goal and one point if the opponent makes a mistake, for example hits the ball off the table. In Friday’s matches Ann Howalt, Darmi Martosoewondo and Sabrina Schmitz managed to get total of three points against Vilmi due her mistakes.

Of course Vilmi got quite easy pool because she is so high in the World ranking. On Saturday she will most likely get more even matches against other players from the top of the ranking. Top three players of the World, Jaana Pesari, Vilmi and Elzbieta Mielczarek are competing in Pajulahti. Still Vilmi, who has won all six previous tournaments, is the biggest favourite to claim the title again.

In Finnish national tournaments men and women play against each other so even Vilmi has suffered some defeats. In international tournaments, with only women players, she has been almost unbeatable. Vilmi needs to think for a while when asked when was the last time she lost a match.

– I might have lost to Italian girl in the European Championships last summer. Every once in a while I lose a match in pool stages if I’m not quite awake and the opponent plays in her best level. Luckily for me it hasn’t cost me yet as I’ve been able to win the tournaments, said Vilmi who haven’t lost a tournament since autumn 2015.

Results of the Pajulahti Games showdown tournament can be followed via Game Results Online