Sitting volleyball World Champions Russia to start their year in Pajulahti

Pajulahti Games women’s sitting volleyball tournament have traditionally been of high quality and this year makes no difference as the reigning World Champions Russia will play their first competitive matches of the year. Russia will meet the host team Finland (12th in the 2018 World Championships), Ukraine (6th in the Worlds) and Germany that couldn’t make it to the World Championships but finished 8th in the 2017 European Championships.

The hosts are coming to Pajulahti with the same roster that played in the World Championships last summer. Beforehand it seems that Russia is the clear favorite to win the tournament with Ukraine as clear candidate for the second place. Germany didn’t impress in the 2017 European Championships, but on 2015 they beat Finland 3–0 to claim the 5th place in the Euros.

Pajulahti Games will be the first stop for the teams on their way to the 2019 European Championships, played in Budapest, Hungary on 13–21 of July.

The matches of the Pajulahti Games sitting volleyball tournament will be played in the ball game hall of the Pajulahti main building. The four teams will play twice against each other on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th and then bronze match and gold match on Sunday morning 20th of January.

Schedule of the sitting volleyball tournament


Ball game hall of the main building

  • 09.00 Russia–Germany
  • 11.00 Finland–Ukraine
  • 13.00 Ukraine–Germany
  • 15.00 Finland–Russia
  • 17.00 Germany–Finland
  • 19.00 Russia–Ukraine


Ball game hall of the main building

  • 09.00 Germany–Russia
  • 11.00 Ukraine–Finland
  • 13.00 Germany–Ukraine
  • 15.00 Russia–Finland
  • 17.00 Finland–Germany
  • 19.00 Ukraine–Russia


Ball game hall of the main building

  • 09.00 Bronze match
  • 10.30 Gold match