Pajulahti Games 2017: Showdown titles for Mielczarek and Ruohonen

Elzbieta Mielczarek

The Pajulahti Games women’s showdown tournament got a bit of a surprise winner as Hanna Vilmi, who had won all the six previous titles in Pajulahti, lost to Polish Elzbieta Mielczarek in four sets 1–3. Vilmi was in trouble already in semifinal but managed to beat compatriot Jaana Pesari 3–2 after being down 1–2. Pesari finished third in the tournament.

Mielczarek had practised winning Vilmi already in group stage where she beat the reigning World champion in straight sets 2–0.

– This was a big surprise because lately I had lost all my matches against Hanna. Even though she might lose single matches from time to time, she rarely loses tournaments, said Mielczarek, a first foreign winner of the women’s tournament in Pajulahti.

Mielczarek told she is now aiming for the World Championship gold medal although the date and place for the Games is not yet decided.

Teemu Ruohonen Men’s tournament got a new Finnish winner as Teemu Ruohonen won Lithuanian Mindaugas Dvylaitis 3–1 in the final. In previous years Juha Oikarainen had won three times and Ari Lahtinen, who finished third this year, twice. Just once have the title slipped from Finnish men in the tournament that have been played since 2011.

For a long time Ruohonen have formed a strong Finnish showdown trio with Oikarainen and Lahtinen but he hasn’t been able to win international tournaments. His first international title came in Lithuania and this was the first on the home ground.

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