Pajulahti Games 2017: Live streamed goalball matches can be watched afterwards

Live stream matches from the Pajulahti Games goalball tournament can be watched afterwards via Youtube.

Friday 20th of January

  • Men Pool A: Finland I–Great Britain
  • Men Pool A: Sweden–Lithuania II
  • Men Pool B: Finland II–Belgium

  • Women: Russia–Spain
  • Women: Israel–Finland

  • Men Pool A: Great Britain–Sweden

  • Men Pool B: Finland II–Germany

  • Men Pool B: Belgium–Lithuania

Saturday 21st of January

  • Men Quarter final: Finland I–Finland II

  • Men Quarter final: Germany–Sweden

  • Women: Spain–Finland

  • Women: Russia–Great Britain

  • Women: Israel–Spain

  • Men Semi final: Finland II–Germany

  • Men Semi final: Belgium–Lithuania I

Sunday 22nd of January

  • Women Bronze match: Great Britain–Finland

  • Women Gold match: Russia–Israel

  • Men Gold match: Germany–Lithuania