Paralympic gold medalists and Paralympic host nation playing in the Pajulahti Games goalball tournament

Turkey's Sevda Altunoluk will be one of the stars in the 2020 Pajulahti Games

Men's Paralympic Gold medallist Lithuania and runner-up United States, women's Paralympic Gold medallist Turkey, World Champion Russia and the Paralympic host Japan... An impressive bunch of top quality teams will be present in the 10th edition of annual Pajulahti Games goalball tournament, played on 17–19 of January in the Pajulahti Olympic & Paralympic Training Center, Lahti, Finland.

There will be eight nations and total of ten teams taking part in the men's goalball tournament, with Finland and United States bringing two teams each. The teams have been divided to two groups with five teams each. Belgium, USA White, Spain, Great Britain and Finland Blue form the Pool A. The Pool B consists of Lithuania, Turkey, Finland White, Romania and USA Blue.

In the women's tournament there will be eight teams from six nations taking part, with Japan and USA bringing two teams. Pool X is played between Turkey, Finland, Japan White and USA Red. Pool Y consists of Russia, Israel, USA Blue and Japan Red.

Schedule for the Pajulahti Games goalball tournament

Rosters of the Pajulahti Games goalball tournament